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Give Miami Day 2016


“I feel I will be better equipped to handle questions regarding sexuality
issues -- much better and more comfortably."

elementary school teacher

"As a guidance counselor, I can use this [information] daily with staff,
students, and family conversations/lessons."

high school guidance counselor

"I found the seminar to be very informative and thought-provoking related to issues that have been heretofore taboo in our society. Definintely more open discussion needs to be initiated to increase both our level of understanding and tolerance."

middle school counselor

"I found this seminar to be very informative. I really would like to see more workshops that are this effective and with great value such as this one. I feel that I learned some wonderful techniques while I attended this workshop."

middle school career specialist

"I found this workshop very interesting and informative. The techniques
explained here are going to be very helpful, especially to the teachers who deal with students coming from other countries."

chairperson, middle school E.S.O.L. program
(english for speakers of other languages)

"Last week's discussion was extremely interesting. I believe it should be mandatory to have discussions about stereotypes in school. It is a way for students to express their ideas and fears about those who are different from others. By openly discussing stereotypes with peers, students can listen to each other's views. This way, stereotyping can eventually be decreased or eliminated in the future. By discussing stereotypes, people will also realize that prejudices still exist."

quote from high school student whose teacher initiated this discussion as part of the teacher "homework" of the safe school trainings.

"It was a pleasure attending the Sexual Minority Issues workshop with you...I found it so informative and fascinating...Before the workshop, I was extremely worried about how to respond to students' questions about homosexuality. In my heart, based upon my upbringing, I wanted to tell them what I thought was right. After I listend to the testimony of the students, I realized that the most important thing was to support these students, to let them know that I understood their pain...letting these students know that they are supported, loved, and respected is the most important thing in the world."

high school teacher

"Students helped make a rainbow on the class board. Students wrote friendship words & put them inside the plastic butterflies that they made. Some words include "honest," "polite," "kind," "shares," "doesn't judge" "

from a 2nd grade teacher's "homework" respect lesson plan

"I discussed the workshop with our principal and counselors, and .....our
principal extended an invitation to Mr. Loupo for a presentation [to our
faculty] of this important issue."

adult community education school

'...I am grateful for the information and insight that I gained in this
class. Thank you!"

high school teacher

"I would recommend this course to be mandatory for principals and teachers."

high school counselor

"Encourage this workshop for all grade levels (primary and secondary)."

middle school teacher

"Since I work in a jail, I have to diffuse verbally abusive arguments between inmates. Now I have the tools to do that!"

juvenile justice high school teacher

"I anticipate applying the knowledge I have gained here today by being more understanding and sensitive toward others...."

high school teacher